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Why Not A Larger School?

In this video the school district (School Board President Blaik Baird and Superintendent Paul Sweat) answer the question of why not build a larger school at the time of this bond?

Why Not A Larger School?2019-10-15T15:23:41-07:00

Open House

Members of the community are invited to attend open houses discussing the details of the new school bond. Do you have questions? Would you like to see the new designs for both the high and Midway elementary schools? Join us at either location: October 30, 2019 6:30pm - 8:30pm Wasatch High School October 7, 2019 6:30pm - 8:30pm Daniels Canyon Elementary For more information keep following us on our social media channels.

Open House2019-09-30T16:17:47-07:00

WCSD 2nd Highest in Percent of Budget Spent in Classroom

As school districts try to stretch every dollar that comes into their coffers as far as they can, it is enlightening to look at Wasatch County School District’s use of tax dollars. Currently, the state of Utah is dead last in per-pupil spending. Per-pupil funding would need to be increased by over 5% to bring Utah into a tie for last place. Even Mississippi spends 22% more than Utah per student. Local school districts supplement the money received from the state of Utah with local tax funds. Within the state of Utah, Wasatch County School District is just above average [...]

WCSD 2nd Highest in Percent of Budget Spent in Classroom2019-09-20T18:05:22-07:00

Wasatch School District Experiencing Explosive Growth

Recent news reports show that Wasatch County is the fastest growing county in the state of Utah. It is also the third fastest growing county in the United States. That type of growth presents distinct challenges for local schools. In an effort to better prepare for student growth in their schools, Wasatch County School District recently commissioned an extensive demographic study by Davis Demographics. The study, which looked at the expected growth in Wasatch County over the next seven years, revealed a pattern which will deeply impact the schools in the county. As of March 19, 2019, the report indicates [...]

Wasatch School District Experiencing Explosive Growth2019-09-20T18:00:43-07:00

A look at the Cost of Wasatch County School District’s School Bond

In an effort to keep pace with the student population growth in Wasatch County, the Wasatch County School District Board of Education (WCSD), has placed a proposed bond on the ballot for November 2019 to add a second high school to the district and to replace the aging Midway Elementary with a larger, better designed school. To plan for these projects, WCSD has been watching other construction projects around the state of Utah. For the elementary school, they needed look no farther than within their own district, as Daniels Canyon Elementary school was opened just two years ago. The cost [...]

A look at the Cost of Wasatch County School District’s School Bond2019-09-20T18:02:08-07:00
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